Beginners Guide to Vaping

Posted on July 16 2018

Beginners Guide to Vaping

We are on the brink of a smoker revolution, with vape technology becoming safer and cheaper every day we are seeing more and more people picking up vaporizers and putting down cigarettes, this is a movement like never seen before reaching to every corner of the globe you see everyone from young to old.


Sombrio vapors was founded on the basis or helping raise awareness about this great new method for quitting smoking and to make it's impact of reducing the impact of loved ones falling ill to cancer from a cigarette addiction they couldn't beat for their whole life.


There has been controversy surrounding this "fad" but has since been labeled as a proven healthier method to smoking and a great quit smoking aid. So with out store available shipping straight from manufacturers to save you money we want you to get the best prices so that you can find yourself closer to that day you quit.


With so much culture popping up all over the net it's a surprise that more people aren't making the switch faster. so now we have covered it's healthier! and some university studies have exclaimed it being more than 90% healthier than cigarettes. But maybe you say to yourself...i don't want to smoke those candy flavored things, i will miss my cigarettes...but they have even thought of this along the way.

So with that being said we thought we would write a guide to becoming a vaper, No you don't have to ask someone how they do it or where they get it because you have already taken the first step to doing it yourself.

The Hardware 

Not only does vape juice come in a wide variety of strengths but it also comes in more than just candy and fruit flavors, they host a variety of tobacco flavors as well as menthol flavors. the list if there was such a thing, showing every available flavor out there would surely be hundred's of pages long. So now all you need to consider is your hardware, there are a ton of choices with abbreviations like RDA or RDTA or RBA being thrown around AH! you might say. so many terms that might seem new but let's start with a standard easy beginners term that you can feel comfortable understanding. RBA (rebuild-able atomizer) This will be your first choice when it comes to vape hardware, it's simple to use, easy to service and doesn't require a vast knowledge of vape hardware to get going. You simply buy your box mod (the battery pack) and an Atomizer (the thing that holds your E-juice) We recommend you buy a kit to start so you don't have to worry about matching numbers you may not yet understand. So once your purchase an RBA kit and you have picked your E-juice it's as simple as filling the tank.


So in your hands now depending on the model you bought will be a box mod/atomizer or maybe you bought a battery integrated setup, you want to identify the hole usually under the mouth piece that goes to the tank, be sure not to use the part you inhale thru to try to fill the vaporizer.


Once you have your tank full most vaporizers have a click system for powering on the setup, usually 4-5 clicks of the firing button.


Now setup your air flow to your pleasing range. some models have a built in adjustable air flow sleeve some don't.


now this is it! you have setup and started using your vaporizer for the first time! the only thing you will have to do now for up keep is to replace your batteries when they grow old and replace your coil when your vape juice starts to taste harsh. we will go over how to replace your coils in a generalized was although on some models it can vary.


So lets review what we have covered

- Vapes are 90% healthier than cigarettes

- RBA kit's should be your go-to for starting

- E-Juices come in a wide variety of flavors

- It's easy and fast to fill and use and RBA setup


Changing your coil.

So you may have started to notice after using your vaporizer for a while that the juice in it just doesn't taste as good as it used to, in fact it's become harsh and gross to use. This means your coils are starting to get old and need to be replaced, So with rebuild-able atomizers your are able to unscrew the atomizer it;s self, it should come apart into a glass sleeve, the mouth piece and expose the coil, now some glass sleeves come right off the atomizer some don't, you will need tweezers for the one's that don't.

Now simply unscrew the coil that is seated in the base of your atomizer. Line up your new coil and screw it back in, now simply replace the glass sleeve where it was before, and screw the mouth piece back on. 


** Tip** be sure not to fill your tank until you have screwed the mouth piece back into place, this seals the atomizer and stops the juice from flooding your coil.



So of course you want to keep your vaporizer working for a long time to come and batteries are essential for that. be sure to spend the extra few bucks to get good batteries if your kit doesn't have them included, the extra few bucks here goes a long ways in guaranteeing they are safe from flaw's that could cause them to explode or to die early on into their life.


So now you know enough to venture out into that world of vape technology. Becoming a vaper means great things ahead for your health, increased lung capacity, NO MORE TAR, you will slowly lose the tar build up in your lungs that you are able to loose. 


Best of all! starting the process today of vaping means your care about your health, That you want to quit and acknowledge this is your first step towards a healthier, happier you.


This article marks the 3 month wait that starts today as Sombrio Vapors brings online it's Proven quit smoking guide and counseling service for smokers who want to quit. We want you your quitting success story to be part our success story as we congratulate you on walking away from being a smoker.



If you need help with any product's feel free to message our knowledgeable staff they will be happy to help you make the choices you need to make when it comes to vaping.





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