How to Rebuild a Coil for your Vaporizer?

Posted on March 10 2018

How to Rebuild a Coil for your Vaporizer?

Are you ready to learn about rebuilding the coil for your vaporizer? This blog post is making you learn about the detailed tutorial that is for everyone who wants to learn about the rebuilding of the coil for the vaporizer! If we talk about vaporizer then they have definitely come about to be most popular these days. They are being used at the best for the recreational reasons and also a basic way to quit the smoking traditional habit.  You can catch with so many different kinds of the vaporizers in which the most common is known by the name of mechanical or mech mod. They do require the involvement of the vaporizer as to construct their own coils for the purpose of burning the different kinds of e-juice.

What You Will Need to Rebuild a Coil for your Vaporizer:

  1. Mechanical mod with an atomizer
  2. Kanthal wire
  3. 1/8” drill bit or screwdriver
  4. Small screwdriver
  5. Ohm reader
  6. Wicking material

Step by Step Tutorial To Rebuild a Coil for your Vaporizer:

  1. You will be starting by measuring the 6-8 inches of the kanthal wire. You can make the best use of the household scissors or snips to cut the wire.
  2. Now in the second step, you will be creating the coil. You have to tightly wrap the kanthal wire that has to be 6-8 times around the smooth part of the drill bit. You will eventually be leaving a ½ inch of wire at each end. As you are all done with the wrapping, you need to make sure that they are facing the same direction.
  3. In the third, you will loosen up the screws on one of the outer and then over the inner post on top of the atomizer.
  4. It’s time to bring about the installation of the coil now! You need to be very much careful when you will be sliding one end of your coil into the outer negative direction of the posthole, and the other into the inner positive direction of the posthole.
  5. Over the next step, you have to position the coil in the atomizer. It is important much to bring about the adjustment in the coil as in this way it will not be touching any section of the atomizer.
  6. You should not be missing out checking with the resistance of the coil. You have to screw the atomizer all into the ohm reader and make sure the coil is safe to use with your mech mod.
  7. If none of the parts of the coil is touching the atomizer, then you should be pressing the button on your mod.

If you have been thinking about to rebuild the coil of your vaporizer then we are sure that this complete step by step tutorial will come across as much helpful and easy to carry out with. You just need to stay focused and alert in the whole process because your one single mistake can ruin the whole processing.

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