Quit Smoking! Facts vs Fiction

Posted on July 11 2018

Quit Smoking!  Facts vs Fiction

Sombrio Vapors was founded on the basis of helping smokers kick the bad habit, we know as customers this means once we succeed in helping you to quit we lose you as a customer, but this also means our success! We want today in this article to address all the myth's hypes and common misconceptions people have about vaping. With this article we want to show you why now is a better time than any to decide to kick that habit of cigarettes. In this world it's becoming more and more common to be looked at with disgust when you have that cigarette hanging out of your mouth in public, people are becoming more aware of their own personal habits and health. But this doesn't mean that everyone can suddenly drop a habit that they enjoy, or can't give up.

So first lets get the nasty question out of the way, lots of terms have been thrown around on diseases this vaping situation causes, now the arguments are fairly even on both sides with people equally passionate about their opinion in this matter you will find the un-dieing question of “does vaping cause popcorn lung and also known as ”Bronchiolitis obliterans, these may be caused by inhalation of an airborne chemical called diacetyl, a chemical used to produce the artificial butter flavoring in many foods such as candy and microwave popcorn and occurring naturally in wines, this condition isn't new and was not created by vaping alone. Now if you look back into the history of popcorn lung originating from vaping this was originally an issues poised by communities among the internet, not yet confirmed by any true research study. This lead to many misconceptions about if it does or does not cause this disease.

In august of 2016, Harvard University concluded a study showing that in fact vaping juice does contain the toxic chemical diacetyl, which is notorious for causing this “popcorn lung”. Thus finally putting an end to the argument that was surrounded by hundreds of personally conclusions published all over the internet. So now we as smokers are confronted with the feeling of dread. “do I want to take that risk?” “is, it worth it?” the fact is a resounding YES!, remember it is my mission to help you quit, I don't want to create more smokers, I want to create less of them. Switching to vaping by credible studies have proven vaping is more than 90% healthier than cigarettes, eliminating horrible chemical's like cyanide, tar,formaldehyde, arsenic, carbon monoxide, ammonia, DDT, and the list goes on! We want you to reduce the risk to your health, but most of all we want to see you quit that habit for good.

Next big question! “i see in the news once and a while vapes exploding and injuring people” Yes with lithium ion batteries in them this is a very real danger, but also no more dangerous than your cell phone blowing up in your pocket. Do you fear that each time you pick up your cell phone it might blow up in your face?

So with these situations things you can do to protect yourself, read about the brand of equipment you want to buy, does it include temp control? Does it have a charge protection option? These are important issues you want to have controlled by additional interfaces included with the box mod. Make sure you buy name brand quality batteries for the extra buck. These are produced with proven methods with quality processes and last longer and perform better. Next! With protecting you further with your new purchase, lithium ion batteries catch fire when the insides are exposed to oxygen, and with quite allot of vigor, check it out on YouTube sometime it's crazy!. With this being said if you pick up a set of batteries that are scratched deeply or damaged in a way that could lead to a puncture bring them back! These are always dangerous. Keeping these things in mind you can reassure yourself you've made a good purchase when it comes to choosing your first vape setup.

So now the third and final question we want to address “Can I really quit with a vaporizer” I myself struggled with smoking, and what inspired me was the fact that I am a huge tech junkie, I love new gadgets, and to me vaping was starting to become this ever growing presence around me, until finally one day I made the decision to go buy one and see if I could make this work for me. Within 3 months working from max strength e juices down to 3mg I hadn't had a cigarette in 98% of this time. So I threw it out, and no this wasn't it, this story doesn't end like one written in a book, I found myself going and buying another days later. But suddenly I found myself less affected by quitting. The smaller amounts of nicotine had trained my body to not react as intensely as it had with very strong cigarettes. Within a week I had again ditched the vape. But this time it was for good. I found myself not missing anything about the vape or the habit it was helped me kick. Like anything this was an addiction, and like you I too house this genetic flaw inside of me that needs that “fix” from your poison of choice, it never goes away but we do begin to learn after kicking the habit it fed off, that it became the dragon within us that had lost it''s fiery breath. No more than a roar it slowly fades, putting up what fight it can to stay dominant inside of you. As it fades as does it's roar, until one day you find yourself no longer acknowledging it at all, it finds a neat little dark corner inside you to live in and only in passing do you ever hear from it.

So like any addiction it's gonna be tough to kick. But you don't go to the gym expecting to sit there and grow muscles in a mirror. Prepare yourself mentally. This is war! Against an enemy that knows you well, but this war is decided by only you, not the effort of hundred's of thousands of people. If you got into this situation ready to take victory at the end then you are sure to win. We at Sombrio Vapors want to be your help and support in calming your own personally dragon within you. We want you to be our success story, to be part of the many who put down cigarettes and walk away.

Sombrio Vapors supports a smoke free world!

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