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We all know cigarettes are harmful, and in a perfect world, no one would smoke them. But we can help get as many people as possible off cigarettes. This, in essence, is our mission at Sombrio Vapors; taking the lead in creating a smoke-free world by supplying dependable and enjoyable alternatives to cigarette smoking.


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You are welcomed to sombrio vapors; the best SPOT for ALL your vapor needs!

We are dedicated to giving you the very best vaping experience by providing personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes at the lowest possible price.

Looking to kick the tar or other harmful elements in cigarettes without giving up the stress-relieving aspects of smoking?

Or you are looking for the most current and innovative e-cigarette hardware or vape mods?

Look no further… We got you covered!

Our business is based on a wide selection of products; highly competitive pricing, efficient shipping and extraordinary customer service.


Sombrio Vapors is the brainchild of Oscar, a genius from the Island of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. He has a deep technical background, runs a thriving e-commerce business and has also worked 20 years as a chef.

One day at the restaurant, Oscar stumbled upon an old friend using an e-cigarette. Being a smoker himself, he was intrigued by the technicalities of this alternative to smoking, plus his wife had a child on the way and he was enticed with the prospects of providing his newborn with a smoke-free environment.

After using e-cigarettes for a while, he became even more excited with how this important invention could be used to improve the lives of millions all over the globe by providing an alternative to nicotine use. And so drawing from his technical background as well as his e-commerce expertise; the idea for sombrio vapors was born.

 Since then Oscar never looked back.


To become the world leader in creating a smoke-free universe by supplying authentic and enjoyable alternatives to cigarette smoking by offering the most comprehensive, wide variety, and most competitive vapor prices anywhere in the world. 



Sombrio vapors offer great deals and warranties to its customers, and we make customer satisfaction and customer service our priority.

Everyone knows that the secret of a profitable business is loyal customers!

Sombrio vapors plan to establish itself as the number one online retailer for both new and veteran vape enthusiasts by being the one stop shop for all your vapor needs.  We boast a broad range of product lineup from starter kits to the most advanced Mods

We also have all the accessories you need to either build or modify your own vape kits including but not limited to:

  • Atomizers
  • e-juices
  • Batteries
  • Mod'sDIY kits
  • Other accessories including wires, glass, cotton, drip tips, coils, and sleeves.


 Sombrio Vapors recognizes the role that suppliers play in business success, and so to achieve our aim of being the premium retailer of vaping gears and accessories in the world; we continually strive to build healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with our supply network. Our goal is to nurture a robust supply chain that includes a multi-national supplier base built upon robust, long-term partnerships.

Globally, we have various direct and indirect suppliers working with us to deliver optimum quality products at the best prices to our customers. This reduces our costs and helps us maintain our competitiveness in the marketplace.

 Lastly, we believe respect, trust and honesty are the most important drivers of success in business and we conduct our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and share a strong commitment to regulatory compliance

You are welcome to CHECK OUT our amazing collections, and if you have any questions. Feel free to contact us  Our customer representatives are available to attend to ALL your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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